Sunday, September 18, 2005

War as Chess

So I'm reading this book, "The Amazing SAS - The inside story of Australia's special forces". As you can probably tell it's about the exploits of what is no doubt the best unconventional military unit in the world. It talks about the regiment's missions in East Timor, 2000 Olympic Games, Afghanistan and finally Iraq. Written by journo, Ian McPhedran, the book was produced with the direct participation of the soldiers themselves and some of the big-wigs within the DOD. Anyway, in one passage, an SAS trooper describes contact with the enemy as:

It's like a game of chess. It's how you move - set all your pieces up, okay. Good, okay, whack. Otherwise, if you don't take that time, it's going to be a long, drawn-out fight, you're just bouncing from one bad idea to the next. And that was the key with the guys. Each man could look around [and say], "Okay, that's over there, there's a better fire position over here, move. Engage.

And just for that alone this book is surely well worth a read!

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