Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lakemba Lightning

Sydney chess personality and hard-working volunteer, Paul Sike, sent me this report on the Lakemba Lightning tournament.

In the end club stalwart Fred Flatow and Ernesto Puzon came equal first with 7.5/9. Mario Parissis (rated tenth out of the 12 players) did well to come fifth and his was the best result relative to rating. Lee Forace did well to get 7/9 while being DOP.

Final results (9 rounds) and split up of the modest $100 prize money was as follows:
Fred Flatow 7.5 (Equal First - $25)
Ernesto Puzon 7.5 (Equal First - $25)
Lee Forace 7 (First U1800 - $15)
David Castor 7
Mario Parissis 5 (First U1500 - $20)
Armando Rizzardini 4 (Equal First U1700 - $5)
Graham Allison 4 (Equal First U1700 - $5)
Paul Sike 4 (Equal First U1700 - $5)
Leif Andersen 3.5
Ivan Mitrovic 2.5
Leo Soto 2
Sami Ullah 0

According to Paul, the only significant challenge was the absence of a laptop. The club's aging machine decided to keel over that night. As a result, Lee Forace, Australia's famous arbiter, had to perform the draws by hand. For those familiar with this procedure - it is a mind numbing job!

My thanks to Paul for sending me the report!

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