Thursday, September 29, 2005

Topalov Gets Lucky

As I logged on to ICC at 6AM this morning, the following position arose in Leko - Topalov. Several kibitzers, aided by Shredder, were agog over the move 20. Nb6. Indeed, the chip GM judges the position as +- for white. Instead, the Hungarian banged out 20. Nf5.

After 19...Qc7

After 20. Nf5, the room went ballistic. One observer wrote that he couldn't stand watching Leko's games. And a smart-ass IM wondered, "I looked away for 5 minutes and now Topalov is back in it." Lucky for me, as Topa is my pick to win the tournament, the Bulgarian eventually won! Actually, that took me by surprise.

For fuller coverage of results, check out or

Here are my tips for round 2.

Veselin Topalov - Vishy Anand, 1-0
Michael Adams - Judit Polgar, 0-1
R. Kasimdzhanov - Peter Svidler, 0-1
Peter Leko - A. Morozevich, .5-.5

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