Thursday, September 08, 2005

Northern Exposures

From today's ACF newsletter:
David Cordover of Chess Kids has asked the ACF for a Development Grant of $5000 to promote chess throughout the Northern Territory. The money would be spent on travel, accommodation and equipment from February to October, 2006.

The proposal will be discussed at the next ACF Council Meeting on October 10.
This is the same David Cordover who found himself in a verbal brawl with the ACF but who later retracted:

I apologise to you and all other ACF office bearers for my implicaions. I withdraw all statements made.
Well now it seems all is truly forgiven.

Seriously, I wish Mr Cordover every success. After all the promotion of chess can only be good and certainly falls within the ACF's organisational aims. However, I would suggest this one condition: that the ACF takes a cut in whatever market Mr Cordover finds or creates in the Northern Territory.

* Kevin Bonham - Senior Selection Coordinator, ACF

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