Thursday, September 22, 2005

When is FREE not FREE?

The self-proclaimed chess guru, David Cordover, Australia's most successful chess entrepeneur has once again found himself in hot water. His latest venture is what he calls the "National Schools Open". The name has caused so much confusion that it forced the normally impotent ACF to send a letter to schools around the nation clarifying the difference between David's event and the ACF's own, "Australian Schools Team Championships".

But here's an interesting tidbit about David's tournament. His PR announcement includes the following bullet point: "The top team entered from each State receives FREE accommodation, food and coaching at the Finals (for 5 players and 1 adult supervisor)." Now being the host state, Victoria gets 5 school entries.

An interested Victorian parent if wondered if Essex Heights might avail of the FREE offer. Answer? No way, said the Guru. Essex will be one of the 5 but will need to pay $100 per player! Huh? Yeah....I don't get it either. Let's take a moment to recall that in the recent Victorian Interschools competiton, Essex scored a total of 27 points out of a possible 28. So, does that not make them the top school? If not, how is Mr Cordover measuring "top team"?


Anonymous said...

When is free not free?

When you don't enter a team in the qualifiers matey. How hard is that to understand.

Anonymous said...

Well sad man

Anonymous said...

Chess guru is a little napoleon in his little mind