Friday, September 02, 2005

Box Hill Evicted!

Trevor Stanning, treasurer of the Box Hill CC in the state of Victoria, has just announced that their esteemed club will be without a home as at 1 January, 2006. The local government Council sent the eviction notice to Mr Stanning and co way back in June. Since then the club has been frantically lobbying the local government council to reverse its decision. But apparently to no avail.

This is, of course, a sad moment even for me. Last year I visited and played in the club's Victorian Open championships. Truly it was a great experience. I have not oberved a more efficient and dedicated bunch of chess lovers. And more importantly, the Box Hill guys were very hospitable. It showed that they were quite cultured. I assure you my dear readers, this is a club that is surely one of the best in Australia. As such, they deserve all our efforts and support in ensuring their continued survival.

Let us hope that Mr Stanning can provide us with the necessary contacts in the local Coucil so that we can lobby them and express our unhappiness.

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