Sunday, January 11, 2009

Zhao Wins Second Steiner

For a second year running, GM Zong Yuan Zhao is the recipient of the ACF's official player of the year award, the Steiner Medal. In his typically humble way, GM Zhao accepted his award from ACF boss Gary Wastell with a bow plus, of course, a heartfelt thanks. After such a fruitful 2008, GM Zhao is definitely a worthy recipient.

(I wanted to check other multiple past winners but the ACF's website seems to be offline right now).

Another worthy winner is Dr. Charles Zworestine. Charles takes home the ACF's 2009 Koshnitsky Medal, which is given for chess administration.

However, very surprising was yours truly receiving the gong for chess journalism - the 2009 CJS Purdy Medal. I had absolutely no idea! Not even a hint when Mr Wastell rang me last Friday reminding me about today's closing ceremony. He said something about taking photos or something. So I turned up. It was pretty frightening having to walk up to that stage and give a little speech.

Honestly guys, I am humbled. This blog was meant to be just a little hobby, a small project to tell the world about the goings-on in Sydney chess. And now this. The thanks really need to go to you, dear readers, who keep coming back to read.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

There have been many multiple winners so that, of the 26 medals awarded from 1985, 18 are held by multiple winners. The list is:

Johansen 6
Rogers 5
Zhao 3
Smerdon 2
George Xie 2


PS Congratulations to all the 2008 medal winners.

tanch said...

Congrats on winning the Purdy Medal, TCG.

Well done! *applause*

Anonymous said...

Congarts on winning the Purdy Medal Amiel. Now come down to Tassie and do some reporting/blogging - our hospitality is legendary :)

Mike Salter said...

Congrats on the Purdy medal Amiel.

And big ups to Charlie Z., extremely well deserved considering the thousands of unpaid hours he's given to chess in NSW and Oz in general over the years.

Anonymous said...

congrats to all 3 winners and a special congrats to amiel - his blog is the most interesting place to get chess news in Australia (even if he is often deliberately prvocative...)