Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saved By Kiwis

Seven AM and I'm walking around an empty Christchurch CBD looking for a cafe. Little did I know that at that moment, my flight to Queenstown had been altered from 0900 to 0741! After earlier cancelling one of my flights, the morons at Qantas never even bothered to tell me about this latest change! Consequently, as I entered Christchurch Domestic at about 8AM this morning, I was shocked to read "Final Call"! Of course, I missed it.

Lucky for me, these local Kiwis are, not only nice, but also very efficient. The young lady manning the Qantas service desk quickly managed to find an available seat on an Air NZ flight departing in just 30 minutes. So, I made it.

And here we are, once again, in absolutely beautiful Queenstown. It's a fine sunny weather with the current temperature at a very agreeable 25 degrees celsius (77 deg. fahrenheit for our somewhat backward American readers). Almost an overwhelming reason for any player to abandon the woodpushing and, instead, laze about by the shores of Lake Wakatipu. On that note, I'm now withdrawn from the event and, instead, do what we usually do. In any case, I've just scored a gig with a big publication and I simply can't stuff that one up.

As I type, players are now marching in, picking up their show bags (yes, the organisers are handing out show bags and ID cards to everyone) and we're all getting ready for the opening. Keep an eye on the live blog.

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