Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Live Blog - Queenstown Round 7


Anonymous said...

Round 7 is over and now it's down to business end. In the NZ championship, A Ker and D Shen have 5 poinst and as luck would have it, they will clash in round 8. A decisive result will give the victor some "luft" back to the rest. Craod and Marner have 4.5 points but will be tested by Chow and West respectively. 8 kiwis are still in the hunt on 4 points. This round will be make or break with several matchups between the locals. Ker remains favourite ahead of Croad. Take your pick from the rest.

Tanya said...

I've really enjoyed reading your reports, especially the 'live blog' even though it isn't really live by the time I wake up and see it. Thanks for all your work, and for conveying the tournament atmosphere so vividly. Hope the Englishmen have stopped throwing pawns around by now, and that Sue's forgiven for her fraternization...
Best wishes,
Tanya (Gawain's mum)

Anonymous said...

Hi from Wellington!
thanks very much for the entertaining blog, and I really hope you have now recovered from your hangover!
Round 8 has thrown up an interesting pairing on board 20 - Daniel Baider vs Bob Smith. Bob recently objected (unsuccessfully) to Daniel's inclusion in the George Trundle invitation tournament in Auckland on the grounds that he is not good enough. Daniel actually did quite well in that tournament, scoring a spectacular win against Stephen Solomon on the way. Bob went on to score 0.5/8 at the Olympiad with a performance rating of 1790. I really hope Daniel wins this one, as he always shows perfect manners, both on and off the board!