Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Indians Invade Doeberl Cup

I don't think I've mentioned the next edition of the Doeberl Cup and that's mainly because it seems way too early. But time flies quickly enough and before you know it, you're scrambling for accomodation or cheapo transport tickets. Might as well pencil it in now and sort out logistics. Like, for example, the 6 GMs who've entered. Notice, too, that the young Indian hottie IM Tania Sachdev is in the event. Well, talk about fancy moves! She's certainly got a few, let me tell ya.

If you're in the game for a little nice income, take a look at the major section. Top prize there is AU$1,500. Not quite the heights of the World Open, but still impressive by local standards. Probably for some of you, it's almost a good reason to go on a ratings diet and get back down to sub-2000 in time for April. Just a wee thought. Aah..money!

By the way, the Doeberl organisers are also running a "design a t-shirt" competition. My entry is: "Chess960 Sux!"

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