Saturday, January 10, 2009

Russia, Not Soviet

Just stumbled upon this Youtube video of a couple of guys playing blitz in New York's Washington Square Park. For most of the game, things are normal. It's in the last half minute or so that I just bursted out laughing.

Check out the old guy's tattoos. Pretty intimidating! I wouldn't argue over misplaced pieces with this fellow. In the opening seconds, he says to the younger opponent, "It's called Russia, not Soviet".

Note also the Chronos clock that they're using. We've got a couple of these in Hyde Park. Good clock, very durable construction. I like it because resetting the time is even easier than on the DGTs.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amiel,

Congratulations on winning the Purdy Medal for Chess Journalism! I really enjoyed reading your live blog on the Dresden Olympiad and look forward to reading your future tournament reports.


Max Illingworth