Monday, January 05, 2009

Interior Designer Needed

Dropped in on the Australian Open in Manly yesterday, but I spent most of my time catching up with a couple of old buddies and not so much watching the games. It was rather nice to see, especially, IM Alex Wohl who's visiting here with his young family. One lesson he learned, he said, was to never play chess while suffering from dengue fever as he did last year in the Philippines. Well, he's not suffering from that illness this time around as he's currently on 4.5 from five games.

Worth mentioning, too, from yesterday's proceedings is that the NSWCA has at last expressed its congratulations to Zong Yuan Zhao for attaining his grandmaster title. The association's treasurer, Norm Greenwood, gave a nice speech and GM Zhao himself responded by thanking everyone. Zhao reportedly said that he was glad to be able to attend this "weekender". We'll put that down as a Freudian slip.

Finally, if anyone of our readers knows of an interior designer who charges out at a reasonable price, please let me know. One of our very well-known chess personalities urgently needs one.

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