Thursday, March 29, 2007

Open Day at Box Hill CC

The Box Hill Chess Club in Victoria held its Open Day last Sunday. Gladys Liu, the club's new boss, reports that it was a very big success - so big that they now have to "start a new coaching class in Sunday afternoons to meet the demand". You can read the report in Chess Victoria's latest news sheet here.

Thanks also to long-time club stalwart Trevor Stanning for these exclusive photos!


Anonymous said...

Gee I didn't know Trev went overseas. Where are these photos taken Hong Kong, Singapore? Looks a bit like Shanghai to me inside the Peace Hotel. What's Wallis doing in Asia?
More information please.

Anonymous said...

Its not China ya clown! Its obviously Japan! They are Japanese people! Incidently when did Wallis go to Japan? Hmmm

Anonymous said...

My guess is Mongolia! The Soviet style architecture is a giveaway! I did hear a whisper that Box Hill aka Canterbury may have moved again. But does this mean Wallis also has to pack up and move? Poor Bugger! Doesn't look happy in the pic. Mongolian food can be rough on your guts, especially that dried curd stuff.
At least they play chess there!

Anonymous said...

What is this rascist diatribe doing here?

Do you have a problem with asians playing chess in Australia?

Think it should be just a "white mans game"?

Oh well,better get rid of Zhong Zhao,George Xie and Moulton Ly from future olmpiad teams then.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about "rascist"(sic) at least learn to spell! Those posters were discussing the architecture and inner decor! Who claimed it was a 'White mans game'?
Men who can't spell are such a turn off...ewww!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for making a typo you grammar Nazi,but those posters seem to have a problem with how many asian people appear in the photos of Boxhill.

This clearly makes them racist.

Anonymous said...

Those posters were speculating WHERE the photos were taken. I cannot identify where they said they had a problem with Asians per se. I see no evidence of your allegation whatsoever. ( For your information it was your spelling NOT grammar that was at fault)

Anonymous said...

Boxhill is clearly in Melbourne.

What part of that dont you get?

The "overseas speculation" was based purely on the number of asians in the photos from Boxhill.
You may as well have used the racist term of "spot the aussie".

So continue on your way Mr racist.