Friday, March 09, 2007

IM Zhao Blacklisted!

In his March 6 column for the Byron Shire Echo, GM Ian Rogers recounts an interesting tidbit about Nakamura and his run-in with Aussie star IM Zong Yuan-Zhao:

Nakamura's (sic) owes his 'bad boy' reputation as well as his support to his participation in internet chess, especially bullet chess where each player gets one minute thinking time per game. Internet chess has fostered Nakamura's will to win and aggression but has also led him to overstep the mark on occassion. He reacted to a series of internet losses to Australia's young IM Zhao Zong Yuan by black-listing Zhao, claiming that Zhao was only pretending to be an Australian player when he was actually a strong European grandmaster. (Nakamura felt obliged to apologise when he saw Zhao playing for Australia at the Turin Olympiad.)

Well, what can we say to this Naka fellow? Sucked in mate! Our thanks to Peter Hanna for this tip via his posts on Australia's most popular chess bulletin board, Chess Chat.


Ted Teodoro said...

Ok, what about the blacklisting part? Did this happen on ICC, and Nakamura " censored " Zhao, thinking he was more than he seemed? It could have been worse if Nakamura assumed Zhao was computer-assisted. Anyway, when you've lost a string of games to someone seemingly impervious to blunders or any erros, the world does take on a different complexion!

Anonymous said...

What I find funny is how Nakamura would think Zhao was a european pretending to be of asian background when he himslf has an asian name as an american.

Then again maybe he thinks all players from Australia are bunnies,so they clearly couldnt be outplaying him. lol.

The blindman said...

I doubt he thinks all Aussies are bunnies, as he has had some good tussles with Molton in recent years..

Anonymous said...

If he knew anything about australian chess,how could he not know who Zhao was? lol