Thursday, March 01, 2007

IM Dableo Suspended

International master Ronald Dableo, who holds 2 GM norms, has been suspended by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines for a period of 1 year. He had allegedly fixed a game in the Malaysian Open.

Five others were slapped with 6-month bans and these were international masters Chito Garma and Darwin Laylo, Oliver Barbosa, Merben Roque and Enerose Magno.

For the time being it's difficult to understand how the NCFP established game fixing by these players. From the scoresheets? From testimony of other players? If the latter, then let's name names. Let Dableo and co. face their accusers! Understandably IM Dableo has so far denied involvement. It's worth quoting again what he said to Kiko, of the Philippine Chess blog: "I never sold a game, I don't need to, chess is my profession. I have a coaching job in one of the universities in Manila, I have a PSC monthly allowance and of course am from the Philippine Air Force."


Anonymous said...

I agree that "beyond the shadow of doubt" decisions are tough, and to render the judgement on 5 players?

I am sure the public would like to see the "proof," and not hearsays?

Sad commentary though on the future and reputation of our promising future stars and GMs.

Anonymous said...

Is there an appeals process to this decision?

wizdom said...

It's funny how they determine the suspension of these players? I'm a relative of one of these players & it's disgusting to hear this type of punishment. In fact, other established & top ranking players in the PI started this type of Game Fixing to support one another in either receiving prize money or ensuring another player will climb the ranks of being a Grandmaster. Why is the new generation being punished when they have followed a practice from the GURO's who have suspended them. The National Chess Federation Board should carefully review their decision & not be biased or become flashed with issues of being bought by greed of money (lagay). I think it's POLITICS. The guro's don't want to give the junior generation a chance to succeed, which definitely they actually have the opportunity to overthrow the current GURO's record in chess. It's "BS", & discrimination has occurred. In addition, how can you prove such action of Game-Fixing. I just hope that the players who got suspended, "SPEAK UP" & fight for your rights. As we know, the current top-ranking Chess Players has corrupted the system. They have developed personal relationship's which the NCFP Board members to ensure they remain in top of the Food Chain. Simple words "CHEATERS". It's survival of the fittest (palakasan), when they don't like another player, it's as simply as making a recommendation for suspension because they have that POWER delegated by the NCFP. I won't mention the top-players, but as they know, they are PLASTIC & supposed to be held responsible for the same actions. In conclusion, TO BE FAIR, why not suspend the whole Chess team of the PI-they all are part of the corrupt system. Where are the Checks & Balances of the Chess Organization? Please get some evidence before issuing such a punishment, because if these junior players start to scream the names of the Current GURO top chess-players, the whole Chess team of the PI will lose it's credibility & be considered the laughing stock of the International Countries.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the result is pure POLITICS. I hope you could also post a topic on the scam on the result of the investigation and resignation of Atty. MOlintas as head of the "trial committee".

I can't really believe it!!! Dableo was convicted based on hearsays of this "official" who turned out to be the ACCUSER, a member of the INVESTIGATING BODY, and a member of the BOARD OF DIRECTOR who voted for the suspension. This "official" who has a questionable reputation and reportedly has a personal grudge against Dableo, has written a very libelous write-up against Dableo (only Dableo) in his column in a local tabloid while Dableo was playing in Zonal in Vietnam last January considering that he was at that time with the players as head of the delegation who should be inspiring and supporting the players.

He even called Dableo a traitor in his coulumn but who's the real traitor??? and how deceitful he is. I think he is also the main culprit on the alleged "scam" on the results of the investigation to protect himself. I hope by this time NCFP would already realize what this man is doing and has done. Maybe at this time he may be laughing already thinking that he succeed in putting down a player/s by using his position, influencing other NCFP ofifcials and hiding in the blanket of NCFP to serve his personal motives. I also pity the others (3 of them i think) whom he involved to cover up his main motive so it will not be so obvious. But let's just wait and see within the next 2 to 3 weeks what will happen... I just hope and pray that justice would pevail the soonest time possible and identity of this "official" would be revealed in public. I hope NCFP should also be protecting the players, especially promising players from harrassment of influential officials who might just be using the organization for thier own personal motive. I just can't wait to see this "official" in jail!!!