Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Latest CAWA Newsletter

Just moving on quietly along over on the other side of the country are our friends in CAWA. We don't seem to hear too much about them but from time to time I do pop in every now and then. I also encourage our readers to do the same. Speaking of newsletters, the CAWA family have always produced something special. To the guys in the NSWCA, this is how it's done.

There is a long report about the recent Australian Open in Canberra written by CAWA boss John Fedec. Top effort indeed!


Anonymous said...

so the pinoy gm has dropped out of the sio? ... visa problems? ... fill us in with your nExt post

Anonymous said...

No, the SIO organisers have taken him Joey out because he hasn't been in touch. Maybe going home after Bangkok?

Anonymous said...

That CAWA newsletter looks good and I agree with TCG that the NSWCA should take note, as the NSWCA's newsletter is a waste of trees. The newsletter is just one of many things wrong with the NSWCA. NSW chess players get no value for their membership fee from the NSWCA. Tournament entry fees are exorbitant and prize money is lousy, yet NSWCA makes an $11k loss last year. Where does the money go? NSW chess players will never have a chess centre, as at this rate of $11k loss a year the NSWCA will be bankrupt in a few years. Thank God that Peter Parr has come to the rescue and we will eventually have a chess centre, although 2025 is a long time to wait. The biggest problem in the NSWCA is Gletsos, whose control freak tendencies have turned away many good adminstrators [Zworestine, Keast, Parr, Lyons etc] from wanting to serve on NSWCA committee while Gletsos is there.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes another know it all whinger. Do you have the answers mr anonymous to NSWCA problems? Why not come forward and step up to the plate and join the council?

Of course you wont do that because then you will have to do some work other than complain

DeNovoMeme said...

To the ANON who talks of an $11k loss at NSWCA headquarters. Thanks for blowing that whistle.

The ledger at NSWCA has been steadily rising for many years. up to $80k That annual loss is a staggering $1000 per NSWCA event. WTF happened last year. I know !! I wasn't playing (banned.) That would account for at least 20 lost entries per event who only come to play against me - I give them my rating points.

It would appear that the NSWCA only has to piss off 20 players like me, and they will go down the drain. $500 per player per year.

Good on ya Gletsos, you're a champ/chimp/chump - take your pick and chomp on it.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sweeney you complain and whine about chess in NSW. You were on the council a few years ago weren't you? What did you manage to do while on the council? What were your goals? What did you achieve? Why did you leave the NSWCA council again? Do tell

DeNovoMeme said...

ANON: Mr Sweeney you complain and whine about chess in NSW.

MS: Yes

ANON: You were on the council a few years ago weren't you?

MS: Yes

ANON: What did you manage to do while on the council?

MS: I managed to get the sack - without warning - for missing three meetings.

ANON: What were your goals?

MS: To assesses the feasability of The NSWCA becoming part of a partnership in a (so called) Sydney Chess Centre.

ANON: What did you achieve?

MS: An incomplet list of premises options.

ANON: Why did you leave the NSWCA council again? Do tell

MS: Certain councillors did not what a Sydney Chess Centre to happen, so the main proponent (me) was shafted, without contacting me first, about missing some meetings. The most accurite term to descibe this is, backstabbed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Sweeney,

Thank you for your explanation. Your ideas sounded fine and obviously you were keen to see chess take off in Sydney, however if you do not attend meetings all good ideas are nothing more than just "ideas" There are so many people on the bulletin board and in the forums who like to complain or give their two cents worth.

However hardly any of them have the initiative to step up to the plate.
If you care about chess and you think it isnt moving in the right direction stop wasting time posting on chess chat forum sights and get off your arse and do something.

Anonymous said...

Stop whinging about "backstabbing", Matthew! It is completely stock-standard in organisations that if you don't rock up three times in a row you are out on your ear (and no-one is going to remind you) - which part of "sorry guys I can't make it tonight" was too hard for you to communicate? Or is this just another part of your general antipathy to apologising over matters of even the remotest significance even when demonstrably in the wrong?

(predicted response from Matthew: completely irrelevant personal attack as usual)

DeNovoMeme said...

Kevin Bonham:: "(and no-one is going to remind you.)"

Yep. You got that right.

Those who know the ropes keep quiet until the third stroke, then spring it on the others who have no choice but to go along with the tactic.

Anonymous said...

TCG, you will be excited to learn that the latest NSWCA newsletter has just come out. I am sure you can't wait to get back to the land of Oz to read it and have a good laugh! I tell you, it is getting worse. Still only 4 pages long [and bottom 1/4 of each page is blank]. This issue is mostly mindless rehashing of results from tournaments that have already finished long ago [Aussie Open, Australia Day Weekender etc].

There were also tournament flyers sent out with the newsletter. The flyer for the NSW Open is an improvement on previous years, but still needs further improvement.

What I reckon most needs improving by the NSWCA is their website. I reckon its a shocker and is hopelessly outdated.