Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chess Star Elopes with Exotic Dancer

What is it about chess and dancing? Our readers don't need reminding of THAT incident in Turin. But London's The Times (the same paper that first brought the Turin Incident to the mainstream press) has now just reported of an affair between 15-year old IM Emilio Cordova and an exotic Brazilian dancer who is twice his age. And this dancer's name? Wait...wait...Adriane Oliveira. Fancy that!

When quizzed, young Emilio said:

I play chess, study chess but this doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself...I’m young and I want to do this. I have to live. To be locked up in my room all the time depresses me.

And live you may good man! There's only so much you can take of those Sicilians, Gruenfelds, KIDs. A little jiggy-jiggy here and there is about all we need sometimes. Speaking for myself, of course.

Read more in The Times Online.

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