Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Come Out! Come Out Mr Prez!

I meant to post something about the brand new ACF email newsletter but my real work overtook me. Now that I have some time, I should really say well done to the ACF. After some period of silence, I think the last one was in January, the email newsletter is back online. This latest version is a significant improvement over the newsletter's previous formats. I like the latest design - simple but more professional looking. And we can expect this going forward as the ACF now appear to have the right personnel with production and content editing now split between new guy Stephen Cannings and ACF veep Denis Jessop respectively. The old one-man operation was just too much.

But you know, something seemed to be missing. Or rather someone! Where in the world is Gary Wastell? Last January this Victorian chess supremo was elected president of the ACF. Yet todate, I have not seen this guy made an appearance online. He's not there on Chess Chat (where at least 3 ACF heavies are regulars) and there's nothing on the official site. You'd think Mr Wastell might appropriately welcome readers to the new ACF newsletter, but nope - that was left to the veep. Is this guy shy? Is he busy? What are his plans? Ideas? Anything?

I'm still thinking that our new president is really just being a bit of tease and any day now we're about to hear of a big surprise. If any of our Victorian readers does spot him in the mean time, say we said hi. Then hand him this link. I'm sure the inhabitants will be hospitable.


Anonymous said...

tcg, what a classic article! for this alone you deserve to be nominated this year for the purdy mEdal!

Anonymous said...

Wastell has never corresponded online when he was Chess Victoria president,and as far as I am aware doesnt even bother to read BB's.

Why does he act this way?

Well when you have been around long enough as he has[over 30 years]...and have the contacts that you deem necessary BB's seem superflous.

His mindset is of the variety that you are "out of the loop" and YOU need to approach him,not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me he won't be making public comments any time soon. Let alone declaring himself ACF President. Don't get me wrong, I would love it if he did.

Anonymous said...

What does Morris Needleman have to do with the current ACF or the price of fish,Alex?

Stop living in the eighties!...lol.

DeNovoMeme said...

Anon: Stop living in the eighties!

MS: Someone has to stay in the land of the living, because the ACF is self administering palutive care.

Anonymous said...

I saw him a week ago.
And, the cherry blossom line in Japan creeps ever northward.
Other than that, your article seems conservative rather than business like. Do I get a spotter's fee if I can get him to an interview with you?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Blogman; the idea of a 'spotter's fee' seems to have met a wall of silence from you.
An interview with Oysters would rank with your role in Arianne.
Dare to be different.
Seize the day.

Anonymous said...

Why should Amiel "pay" for someone to get an interview with Wastell?

If the ACF president isnt prepared to talk here then he should at least make some sort of "statement of agenda" on the auschess.org site.

Its not like the cat has got his tongue.

DeNovoMeme said...

ANON: "statement of agenda" on the auschess.org site.

MS: You must be kidding, right? Why should he make an important statement on CC when there is a perfectly good ACF Newsletter for exactlty that kind of thing. I am disheartened that anyone would suggest that a privately owned embarrassing flame war site, such as CC, should become the hub of anything official.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

He said "auschess.org", exactly as you quoted, not CC.

But of course we actually mean "auschess.org.au".