Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wireless Chess Boards

This evening's show of "The New Inventors" on the ABC featured a high-school junior who invented wireless chess boards. It was a simple enough concept: 2 boards connected "wirelessly". I didn't get how it's exactly done, as I was on a conference call, but I'm guessing it's via RF. Basically, lights are activated on the board indicating the to and from movements of pieces. Very simple. I must say I had not seen anything like it and kind of makes you wonder the usual, "why didn't anyone else think of that before?".

They showed a demo of this young man playing chess with his dad while they were located in separate rooms. Honestly, it's hard to imagine a broad application for this kind of technology. But it could at least offer as a kind of compromise in matches between unfriendly nations.

UPDATE: I just noticed that there is actually a video of tonight's episode, including the Chess Mate here.

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