Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"We will f*** you!"

We just had to say one or two things about this recent item on Chessbase (actually, originally appearing here). As you can see, Bessel Kok makes the stunning revelation about the FIDE Deputy President's behaviour.

When Ali Nihat Yazici and I, announced the launch of The Right Move back in November 2005, the FIDE incumbents reacted with a typical cocktail of arrogance, apathy and ignorance. Deputy President Makropoulos, kindly rang up his Turkish counterpart to inform him “We will f*** you.”

I'm like sooo tempted to make an ethnic joke! But hey, our mate Georgios Makropoulos is only trying to pull off what his Greek soccer team did a couple of years ago: winning by not coming from behind.

I was chatting to ex-Olympiad captain Peter Parr about the FIDE elections yesterday and he seems to think that the Chess Fidelity ticket will lose come crunch time. Well, we can only hope.


Anonymous said...

Well, I definitely perceived an arrogant tone in Ignatius Leong's open letter proposing his idea of "FIDE Unity".

I really don't know what this fella is trying to do. Showing disrespect by Calling Kok a "one-election woner".

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they sing "We will f*** you" to the tune of queen's "We will rock you" haha

Kirsan and his mob are looking shaky,why would they even consider a "unity" ticket if they thought they were going to win in Turin?

It will be interesting to see what happens to the likes of Mr Leong if Kirsans gang loses,doubt if Bessel will be welcoming them into FIDE.