Thursday, May 04, 2006

More on Marc Nazario

A few days ago, I posted this about Marc Nazario - a young boy with big ambitions. Since then, I received a nice email from Marc's mom who pointed to a little website about Marc.

Here, you can read more about this young talent. There are articles, awards and photos.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Marc! Hope you will be the next world Grandmaster!

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty good site!

Maybe australia's rising star Raymond Song should think about having a website.

Camille said...

HI Marc!!!! this is Camille... Well, wishing you all the best and goodluck!!! I know your dreams will be fulfilled... I know that you will be the next best grandmaster in the world... Just be patient, my friend.:)

rjsolcruz said...

what's the website of marc?