Saturday, May 20, 2006

Olympiad Essentials

Here you'll find some online coverage of the Olympiad.

The Official site. Not particularly good but does have live game transmission.

For tables, team lists, pairings and results - look no further than Wiener Ziertung. Updated daily.

Turin Moves - a PDF bulletin available from the FIDE website.

Chessbase is also covering the event, of course.

The British Chess Magazine covers results for the British and Irish teams here.

Russian Chess has downloadable games.

Ex-AP chess journo Robert Huntington is on the ground and maintains his blog All Things Human. Updated daily.
Mig's The Daily Dirt has an American flavour but always fun to read.

Chess Pics (by "Pufichek")
Chess Vista (by Frits Agtenderbos)

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