Friday, May 19, 2006

Draws are for Cowards!

The presently running MTel event is impressive for its fighting chess. This has, of course, much to do with the "no short draws" rule.

The players should not talk during the games; additionally they should not offer draws directly to their opponents. Draw-offers will be allowed only through the Chief-Arbiter in three cases: a triple-repetition of the position, a perpetual check and in theoretically drawn positions.

The Chief-Arbiter is the only authority who can acknowledge the final result of the game in these cases. He will be advised in his decisions throughout the tournament by GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili, FIDE Vice-President.

But more important really is the performance of one Gata Kamsky. No wonder GM Nigel Short is quite impressed.

So far the tournament has been notable for the resurrection of the American legend Gata Kamsky, who quit chess for a decade in the 90s. One would have thought that his return to this stratosphere would have been all but impossible. Indeed, in his initial comeback games, the accumulated rust was clearly visible, but in Bulgaria he appears to have struck some form, defeating Vishy Anand for the second time recently.

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Anonymous said...

actually there is no such thing as draw by perpetual check in the laws of chess ... it is sufficiently covered by the triple (threefold) repetition of position rule or at worst the 50 move rule