Thursday, May 11, 2006

13-Year Old Girl in Olympiad

Twelve-year old Wesley So made headlines when he became the Philippines' youngest ever representative at the Chess Olympiads. While not quite as young as Wesley, a 13-year old Irish girl will represent her country in Turin.

From Ireland Online.


Anonymous said...

An Irish-indian chess player!

Wonder if she grew up there or is an import?

Anonymous said...

Rhian Hughes of Scotland is 12, and Megan Owens of Wales is 11 - both making their debuts and both the youngest ever to play for their countries.

rjsolcruz said...

Wesley So is another bright spot in RP chess. aAd true enough, he delivered the bacon from Turin. Sana ay mabalik ang international events dito para mas maraming maging-GM na Pinoys. Marlboro, Meralco, Far East Bank.