Tuesday, May 09, 2006

FIDE Official Sparks Confusion

FIDE official Casto Abundo has generated confusion among the National Chess Federation of the Philippines board members by allegedly having already committed the board's support to Chess Fidelity - Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's ticket.

There is confusion because, according to reports, 7 NCFP board members said that they were not consulted and, in fact, some even had doubts over supporting the Chess Fidelity camp.

As a result, a former provincial governor and current serving NCFP board member, Raul Molintas, has called a special board meeting to tackle the issue.

Here is a report from Tempo. As this page drops off, let me quote the most important parts.

Molintas said his requested was prompted by reports that the Philippines has already declared open support to Ilyumzhinov.

"I was surprised to read in the website of Chess Fidelity that our delegate to FIDE, Director Casto Abundo, has committed the vote of NCFP in favor of FIDE President Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov," Molintas wrote. "I was even shocked to read that the commitment is allegedly with the support of the majority of the Board of Directors of the NCFP."

Molintas was referring to a letter made by Abundo on April 15 committing the NCFP’s vote to Ilyumzhinov after claiming to have consulted with Pichay and majority of the NCFP board.

Molintas wondered how Abundo secured the support of the majority.

"Based on newspaper accounts, at least seven members of the board said that they were not consulted. In fact, they have misgivings in supporting the administration of Mr. Ilyumzhinov due to the alleged shabby treatment the NCFP got during his tenure," Molintas said.

Incoming NCFP executive-director Sammy Estimo, one of seven directors pushing for a collective vote, said Abundo’s action is regrettable.

"Mr. Abundo must be made to explain. Otherwise, we would be constrained to act against him," said Estimo.

Abundo, who barely won a seat in the 15-man board, was removed as FIDE delegate last year for his failure to look after the interest of the NCFP.

His reappointment as the country’s FIDE delegate raised not a few brows, considering his poor record, particularly in the case of Grandmaster Mark Paragua.

Paragua, the country’s top-ranked player, was made to wait for over a year before being conferred the GM title.

"Mr. Abundo did not only lift a finger to help Paragua, he was also part of the problem," said Estimo.

A member of the powerful rating and title committee, Abundo was in a position to intercede in behalf of Paragua, but he did not, according to Estimo.

Apart from Molintas and Estimo, the other directors supporting a common stand in the FIDE elections are NCFP vice-president Ed Madrid, businessman Jess Torre, Dr. Jenny Mayor, retired general Art Carillo and former NCFP head Go Teng Kok.


Anonymous said...

Given the exemplary efficiency of the ACF administration i'm wondering how long it would take for any forthcoming new?? Australian GM(s) to be conferred their titles? Re Paragua getting the title is hard enough and it should depend on the norms gained and ones rating not administrative hangups or personality clashes.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Phillipines chess federation will show some guts and give Abundo the boot.

He is a dubious character and the Phillipines has many more worthy representatives that they could select for a FIDE delegate.

Anonymous said...

I see that both Indonesia and Thailand have decided to support Bessel Kok. Hopefully the Phillipines will soon follow.

South east asia needs more international tournaments,I cant see that happening with FIDE but with Bessel Kok at least they have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Toti Abundo is a crooked self serving Campomanes lackey who has done more harm than good to Filipino players, and Philippine chess as a whole. He knows that he'll be gone if Bessel Kok wins.

Anonymous said...

How can he represent the Philippines to FIDE when he cant even understand the native tongue, to him "bumigay" was the same as "binigay", what worst is he accuses immediately without even verifying what he heard!

rjsolcruz said...

what now?