Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flag Faux Pas

Not once but twice! Turin Olympiad organisers displayed the wrong national flags for both Japan and China. The organisers had to issue two separate apologies.

To Japan:

The Organising Committee of the 37th Chess Olympiad wishes to express its sincerest apologies to Japan for the un-forgivable mistake of having shown the forbidden Imperial fl ag at the Opening Ceremony.

It goes without saying that there was no intention of off ending the great nation of Japan or its people who have our total admiration. We renew our profoundest apologies.
And to China:

To: The Chinese chess Association

Mr. Wang Ruinan

Dear Sir,

We are extremely sorry about the incident which happened on the occasion of the running ceremony of the 37th chess Olympiad. The incorrect flag and incorrect name Chinese Taipei Team was introduced and this is exclusively our fault. We assure you this happened as a pure technical mistake and without any bad intention. We hope that you & your people can accept our sincere and deepest apology. We assure you that all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure correct display of fl ags and names in future events.

We appreciate that you have been very cooperative in resolving this problem from very beginning.

The apology will be also published on the website and in the offi cial bulletin. We would like to thank you once again for your understanding and we wish you all the best.
The CCA cannot possibly have a certain degree of confidence in the Turin organisers for up to now, the same apology is not available on the official website.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this stuff up will affect how China votes in the presidential vote.

ggrayggray said...

How do you stuff up China's and Japan's flags. It isnt like they arent well known.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting this is Kirsan's
FIDE. haha

Anonymous said...

I hope China doesnt vote for Kirsan.

Anonymous said...

I think China will be like India,they will vote for whoever benefits their top players.
Unfortunately it looks like both will vote for Kirsan.