Friday, May 05, 2006

Malaysian Fed on FIDE Elections

Here is an open letter from Dato' Tan Chin Nam. Our Aussie readers will recall that Dato' Tan was the principal sponsor of the QVB Chess Festival in 1999 - a level of chess activity that has since been sadly missing from Sydney.

The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) believes that the current election in which two tickets – Ilyumzhinov vs. Kok – are competing on a winner-take-all basis to be counterproductive for chess development. Instead, the MCF supports an alternative solution to that offered by this election.


We believe that a viable alternative is a joint Ilyumzhinov-Kok presidency. We are certain that the two candidates can create a heroic, historic moment in FIDE affairs by recognizing how their strengths complement one another and dovetail perfectly with FIDE's mission. Unity is strength.

Dato' Tan is to be respected for his candour and concern for our game. But we think that this proposal is not a good one. There can be no joint presidency. Such a model of leadership is a sure recipe for disaster. Disagreements and clashes at various levels are inevitable. Confusion will reign. And before you know it, we'll be right back to where we are now faster than you can say "checkmate".

Our thanks to Goran.


Anonymous said...

Why is Malaysia hedging their bets?

They should have the guts to say who they really want to vote for,then again they may be waiting for the cheque in the mail!

ggrayggray said...

combined tickets have been tried before and it hasnt worked. Wouldnt work again with Kok either as they are diametrically opposed in their views.

Seems Malaysia's correspondant just wants to get splinters.