Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Armenians Dominate Dubai

Grandmasters Sargissian and Petrossian, from Armenia, settled for a draw in their 9th round game yesterday to complete the Dubai 2006 Open on 7/9 points. They were joined at the top by grandmaster Sergey Fedorchuk.

Australia's Dusan Stojic had an excellent tournament finishing on 5/9. In the last round, he defeated Indian player C.N. Vaidya. The final crosstable has the young Victorian surrounded by titled players and even ranking higher than a few international masters! Well done indeed.

Nur Yachou sadly lost to lowly rated player Obay Ali and settled for 3/9 points in total.

And our favourite player for the moment, Wesley So of the Philippines, also lost yesterday to Indian IM Abhijeet Gupta. So joined Stojic on 5/9 points overall.

Round 9 results, Final rankings, Official site

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully Dusan's result will encourage more australian players to give this tournament a go.

Congratulations to Dusan!