Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Olympiad - Round 2 Results

What an awesome outing by Rogers' boys. They vanquished a powerful Romanian outfit 3-1. Aussie numero uno, Ian Rogers took out super-GM Itratescu on board 1. It was a game that provoked praise from former AP chess reporter Robert Huntington. On board 3, IM Zhao defeated Vajda. Smerdon and the world famous writer Gary Lane drew their encounters against stronger opposition.

On the distaff side, the Aussies could not quite mirror the men's achievements. By coincidence, the Aussie women were also playing Romania - a powerful team. We lost 0.5 - 2.5. Only WIM Ngan Koshnitsky managed to hold the draw on the third board.

The Pinoy men, with Paragua on board 1, split the points evenly with Luxembourg 2-2.

David - Paragua, draw
Bakalarz - Laylo, 1-0
Berend - Dimakiling, 0-1
Brittner - So, draw

The Pinays breathed life into their campaign by wiping out Ireland 0-3.

Pairings for Round 3

Australia - Uzbekistan
Philippines - USA
New Zealand - Estonia

Luxembourg - Australia
Switzerland - Philippines
New Zealand - Kenya

For more detailed coverage, go to Wiener Zeitung's site.


Anonymous said...

Rogers boys? haha

Zhong Zhao might be but I dont think the rest of the team sees themselves that way.

Remember they are playing for Australia and not Mr Rogers.

Anonymous said...

paragua v kamsky should be interesting

rjsolcruz said...

berend ended dimakiling's ruy lopez marshall intention but d-mc won nonetheless, marshall or not!