Thursday, May 11, 2006

Abundo In Trouble

A couple of days ago, NCFP board member Raul Molintas demanded a special board meeting to address the confusion caused by Casto Abundo's actions. To recap, Abundo committed the NCFP's support for Ilyumzhinov's ticket when, in fact, at least 7 of the NCFP board members had given no such support.

NCFP boss Prospero Pichay has now agreed to such a meeting. From Tempo:

Sammy Estimo, the incoming NCFP executive-director, said Abundo faces sanctions, including losing his temporary appointment as FIDE delegate.

"Mr. Abundo has shown his bias for Ilyumzhinov. It is highly unlikely that he would vote for another candidate if and when the board decides to support Kok," said Estimo.

Estimo, who will captain the men’s team in Turin, is campaigning openly for Kok, saying he’s the best man for the job.

"The current FIDE leadership has treated the Philippines shabbily in the past. Some of our players have been barred from competing overseas. We have been de-listed from the world ratings not a few times," said Estimo.

Estimo cited the case of the country’s No. 1 player, Mark Paragua, who took over a year to earn his grandmaster title.

"The reign of terror and repression at FIDE must come to an end," said Estimo, who at one point became a victim of FIDE’s dirty tactics.

Aside from Molintas and Estimo, the other directors pushing for a board action on the FIDE elections are NCFP vice-president Ed Madrid, businessman Jess Torre, retired general Art Carillo, Dr. Jenny Mayor and former NCFP president Go Teng Kok.

From Tempo (but this link may disappear after 24 hours).

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Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see the new Philippine Chess leadership in action comprised of director members with diverse talents and qualifications.

A far cry from the authoritarian and repressive regime of convicted felon Campomanes.

It is time to get rid of Abundo, the last Campomanes vestige and black eye of Philippine chess. We have waited too long. We have new talents and leadership now that will bring Philippine chess back to the fore front.