Saturday, October 15, 2005

Xie Magic

In a highly tactical game, George Xie moved up to 4 points yesterday defeating Arghyadip Das (2411) of India. The Australian relied on his solid Alapin varitaion (2. c3). Das' 14...Rad8 looked suboptimal and permitted an a-file invasion by Xie.

George will now play against GM Taleb of the United Arab Emirates in the 9th round.

New Zealand's FM Lukey is having a difficult time. After 8 rounds he has so far garnered only 2.5 points. This really speaks much for the strength of the tournament which consists of 28 grandmasters, 30 international masters and a number of FMs and strong untitled players.

The Philippines', IM Gonzales drew with a Chinese player yesterday and now has 4/8. His next assignment is the untitled Palit Somak of India - rated 2312.

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