Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bloody Kibitzers!

Our friend Leon should try his game at Hyde Park (or anywhere else where kibitzers are around). "Spectators", as he calls them, just drive me nuts. Some even smoke dope right in front of you. The worse kind are really those who can't take their own medicine.
Just try kibitzing during their games. These guys will froth at their mouths blaming your for all sorts of things. "Yeah, blame your mom", I tell 'em. Bastards!


Leon said...

Hey.. You seem to be a major chess freak!!

And no, I wouldn't try playing a game at Hyde Park or any other park for that matter.. :D

Bradley Loh said...

You know position on kibitzer. I'm a friendly guy, but friend or foe if you kibitz in my game you'll cop it from me