Saturday, October 08, 2005


And after Topalov - Leko ended peacefully yesterday, such was the reaction of some observers on ICC. On the other hand, IM Jovan Petronic could see the upside to all the booing: "Booing is good for chess. ICC is great, as the players do not lose their concentration due to noise in the audience."

One kibitzer commented, "All Topalov games so far were exciting. But today, Leko managed to bore him to a draw."

Can we really blame Leko or is the Bulgarian switching to a more peaceful mood in the second half of the tournament? Let's hope not. We demand more, more of this violence! But realistically, this is not always the safe policy - especially against Anand. So for the next round, I predict another draw for Topalov.

Morozevich – Leko, .5-.5
Svidler – Kasimdzhanov, 1-0
Polgar – Adams, .5-.5
Anand – Topalov, .5-.5

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