Monday, October 24, 2005

Kasparov Divided by 20

And that's how the modest FIDE champion, Veselin Topalov, described himself to the New York Times.

On his preparations for his black games:
As black I got stable positions . . . For me, the most important thing was that I did not get inferior positions as black.
As for a match with Kramnik, I believe Topa is right to decline it. Man on man matches are relics of the past. Their continued practice only serve to perpetuate the problem of disunity. A true world championship for the 21st century shouldn't be the exclusive contest of the two noisiest players and their financiers. The San Luis experiment is partly the way to go.

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NoviceProgrammer said...

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Well Topalov is being modest, he played brilliantly all through. Its unfortunate that Anand was not in the best of forms...

Personally I think a one on one is not can make for exciting chess...or we need to have more than 2 rounds. A win here or there makes way too much difference...just like a loss can..

So in that sense, I still dont mind one on one..