Sunday, October 02, 2005

Out of Control

Commentating on Chess.FM, John Federowicz said of Topalov, "The guy is out of control". And after another victory, this time over Adams, the Bulgarian superstar is certainly looking like a maniac. He prosecutes the attack with irresistible vigour. It's like no one can stop this guy! But what do you expect? He was, after all, the man who retired the great Gary Kasparov.


The game continued 35. Rc7! Rc8? 36. Bf5! To this move, Fedorowicz couldn't contain himself. On, he exclaimed, "That's a big shot! That's a big shot!" Rxf5 37. Rxc8+ Kh7 38. Rh1 1-0.

The surprise for the day was Kazsimdhanov's downing of Anand. An unbelievable result but bolsters ever further my prediction of a Topalov victory in this tournament. But it's early days and anything can happen.

And at last, Leko ekes out a win, this time against Polgar. I suppose, if he was going to win a game, it'd have to be against the woman.

What can we say about Morozevich? In a position thought by many commentators to be a plus for him, he made a poor decision with 41. Rxa6. The move surrendered the c-file. As a result, Svidler emerged with a well coordinated R+Q combo. With those pieces and skilful play, Svidler slowly corralled Moro's king and that was that.

Tips for round 5:

Anand – Leko, .5-.5
Polgar – Morozevich, 0-1
Svidler – Topalov, .5-.5
Adams – Kasimdzhanov, 1-0

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