Monday, October 31, 2005

13 Rounds in Turin

A couple of months ago FIDE canvassed the opinion of member federations on the Turin organisers' proposals to reduce the number of Olympiad rounds from 14 to 13.

In this communique, post San Luis, FIDE agreed with the organisers' proposal. It seems that most federations apparently supported the decision. Quite surprising! Surely excising one whole round is a drastic decision especially considering that it may affect standings and norm posibilities. Also, did not the Italians take into account their own holidays? It would be interesting to know which nations supported the Turin organisers' proposal.

What was the NCFP position? What about the ACF? And the USCF (for our American readers)?


Stefano Bellincampi said...

Dear TCGM, this notice is completely false! Do not exist holidays in the period of the Olympiad!
In Italy there were controversies after the first official notice and the organizers made to know that it was one demanded of the Fide because in 2008 it's in program to reduce to 12 the rounds.
The reason? Lack of money.
Sorry for my (babel fish) english!

Anonymous said...

The ACF voted against this proposal.