Thursday, October 06, 2005

When I am old

When I am old and frail I would love nothing more than to take my old saggy ass to the park and play chess with my boys - everyday. Even now, as I walk past St James on my lunch time, I'm envious of these old guys. They just sit there whiling the whole day away playing chess. No cares or worries. Just the little problems on the board. Yeah, that's the life.

So, in some sense, I can appreciate this pensioner's complaint against his local Council. The situation is an outrage!

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Anonymous said...

You paint a lovely picture of a way to spend your old age, first to 1000 wins in Blitz against an intrepid like-minded urbanite.
Allow us to think that you will have pamphlets at the end of your park-bench encouraging watchers to visit a real-life chess centre in Sydney.