Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Black Death in San Luis

Can somebody please stop this guy? Not! As my tip for the crown, of course I want Topa to win. And the way he's carrying on with the black pieces is as clear a sign as any that our Bulgarian hero is set for a magnificent triumph.

Tips for round 7.

Svidler – Polgar, 1-0
Morozevich – Anand, 0-1
Leko – Adams, .5-.5
Topalov – Kasimdzhanov, .5-.5

In Corus this year, Polgar beat Svidler with white. Svidler will return that favour. Anand beat Moro in Corus, too, with black - so I think will do the same here.

The match between Adams and Leko earlier this year was even with decisive games aplenty. But TC there was rapid. In classical, all games this year were drawn. That pattern I think will continue.

Finally, I'll stick my neck out and say that Topa will draw against Kasim. I mean, at some point, the guy will surely slow down.

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