Wednesday, October 12, 2005

For Foodies

Blessed with an enthusiastic metabolism, I happen to fancy myself as a bit of a budding foodie. Yep, I love food. And if you ever want some independent advice on the places to eat in Sydney, check out one of my recent finds - the Sydney Food Diary. The site was recently featured in the SMH's Good Food Guide.

What's the chess angle, I hear you ask. Well, I want to let you in on one of Sydney's hidden treasures: Maxim's - located on the corner of Goulburn and Sussex Sts in Sydney. Here, you'll find some very delicious treats, one of which is something called "Lotus Seed Chess" biscuit. I kid you not! It's delicious. Trust me.

And if Maxim's a little too far, why not try your hand at baking a "pumpkin chess pie"? Yum!

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