Monday, October 10, 2005

Hopeless Polgar

"That's enough for this game as this game is hopeless", says GM Yasser Seirawan of this morning's game, Kasimdhanov - Polgar. In a reversal of their round 3 result, this time the Uzbek grandmaster managed to defeat Polgar and post his second win in San Luis.

For chess fans on ICC, it was almost a near miss after Kasimdhanov's 31. g6. The move allowed the maneouvre, Qb7-b6-g6 picking up the pawn with check. After a series of exchanges, it "almost" looked as if Polgar might escape with a draw - a sure miracle after having been so completely outplayed. But Kasim rose to the challenge and spotted the very sweet 45. f6.

If Polgar deserves any kind of advice, it must be that she needs to overhaul her Sicilian repertoire. Fedorowicz summed it nicely: "Her opening was just another disaster for Black."

All other games were drawn. Topalov - Morozevich was a spine tingling match-up. Like most observers I was sure we were looking at another Topalov win. However, the glory of Russia hang on for dear life, marshalling every bit of his talent. Morozevich can probably thank Topa's 46. Rc2.

Tips for round 11.

Polgar – Leko, .5-.5
Svidler – Morozevich, .5-.5
Anand – Kasimdzhanov, .5-.5
Adams – Topalov, 0-1

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