Saturday, October 01, 2005

Apologies to England?

I appear to have angered an entire nation after my comment regarding Adams' chances in the San Luis tournament. Just as when I was about to say, "sorry..." - this position, in the third round, appeared. And with that, the hapless Englishman resigned against Anand.

A crush! Thus, I think I'll park my apologies for later.

All other games were decisive. The highlight was surely Polgar - Kasimdhanov wherein the lady chesser employed the hyper sharp, Perenyi Attack. Now there's courage! If I'll be saying my apologies to anyone it's likely to be to this world number 8, Judit.

Here are my tips for round 4:

V. Topalov - M. Adams, 1-0
R. Kasimdzhanov - V. Anand, 0-1
P. Leko - J. Polgar, .5-.5
A. Morozevich - P. Svidler, .5-.5

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

3 correct out of 8, well, it is just marginally better than the random guess (1 correct out of 3)


But do not worry this time I think you have made a good guess... Some kind of learning by doing, isn't it?