Saturday, December 05, 2009

Young Talent Time

The Norwegians have Magnus, while Filipinos have Wesley So. Of course, the latter isn't quite in Magnus' league (maybe not yet), but both have certainly stirred excitement aplenty in each others' homelands.

After his powerful performance in the World Cup, GM Wesley So returns to a hero's welcome in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, writing for the UK's Telegraph paper, Max Davidson has this interesting quote by Magnus' father, Henrik Carlsen: "Boys are very good at focusing their attention on one thing at a time...Girls are better at multitasking. I would not say Magnus is naturally hard-working. In fact, he can be quite lazy at times. But when he is following his intuition and curiosity, there is no stopping him."

Read more in Magnus Carlsen: the rise and rise of chess's answer to Mozart.

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