Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tourns on the Cheap

Over on Australia's number one chess bulletin board, user "michael.mcguirk" posted the following question: "How do YOU get accommodation when you go to a chess tournament?"

Well, he could just follow the example of some backpackers: buy a campervan and pretty much park and sleep anywhere. There's just one issue:

Residents in Wolseley Road, Coogee, open their curtains each morning to million-dollar ocean views across to Wedding Cake Island. But with the warmer weather a convoy of campervans has arrived.

One homeowner, Lee, said: "It has become a problem. I'm presently looking at five campervans parked in front of my place. I'd rather them not be there but, because we are smack-bang beside the ocean and there are no parking restrictions, they flock here."

He said confrontations had erupted in the street. "There was a group that would go down to Coogee, get on the booze all night and then return here to have a few more.

That's from today's SMH.

Another option is basically to "couch surf". In fact, there's even a website dedicated to the whole business. Check out Female readers, though, should probably take extra precaution by travelling in pairs or more.

One likely down side to couch surfing is that some couches may not be available for the entire stretch of a weekender, let alone a whole week (if you're playing in a big event like the SIO). You may need to arrange multiple couches.

For those with a little bit more dough but still want to realise some savings, I recommend a try of "Secret Hotels".

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