Monday, December 21, 2009

Jones for Aussie Champs

The upcoming Australian Chess Championships is going to be an exciting one. The field now features no less than three grandmasters - locals Zhao and Johansen as well as the Englishman Gawain Jones. Also fronting up will be IMs Solo, Lane and Wohl, themselves ex-winners of the title (one each), plus the highly ambitious IM Xie.

If I had to pick a winner, though, there's only one obvious name. I know it's a kind of treasonous thing to say, but I've got a couple of hundred yen on Jones to outpoint the rest of 'em. The man will be too good. In the majors section, the recent PhD recipient Jason Chan is my pick. He's been in training over the last couple of weeks and he's looking red hot. My yen's on Dr Chan.

One more thing.

In case you still don't know how to get to the venue, just look at this map.

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Adamski said...

Entries to the Australian Championship Major, Minor, Classic and /or Lightning tournaments could make a great last minute Christmas gift!

Anonymous said...

I hope NZ customs dont let GM Jones out of New Zealand !

A minor event like the Aussie Champs should not be run at the same time as such an important event as the NZ Champs.

We all know the best Aussie players are really kiwis :)