Friday, August 28, 2009

Chessly Delights at The Hutch

These promotional write-ups from our inside gal at the Old Boys Chess Club are so delicious that every other chess club out there should probably give her a gig to do some copywriting. Maybe then we'll see those tournaments have a big rise in attendee numbers.

Anyway, it's on again over at "The Hutch"! This from "AJ":

After the throbbing success that was the last ***CHESS CLUBS*** 2ND BIRTHDAY, hearts were won, teeth were lost and heads were sore. The dream-like memories that sustained, whilst vague and mysterious, leave a deep and sexy scare on the proverbial neck of all who attended. Thanks.

So lets do it again some time...

THIS THURSDAY get yo heads and toes down to The Hutch, as your pals at ***CHESS CLUB*** do the voodoo they do for you to make things just the right shade of awesome. Bells, whistles, smoke AND mirrors, rabbits in hats and tricks for kids.

This month, chess yourself stupid as you eat with your ears. We have a menu prepared by the finest...

B.F.G. - dropping science and jazz in a dub fondue; an XL serving of creamy crunchy goodness.

Claudie Vs Charlie - cookin' up back to back grooves to make make your soul whole. Iron Chef style.

Spannah - gypsy pie with a generous side of carnie salad, served in a top hat.

So come and drop down to Hutch town THIS THURSDAY from 7pm till...maybe forever.

Light and Sound: Andy O Visual
Visuals: Interracial Pawn
Chess: Youz and you

Old coin donation from ya hip to our hat & BYO board of chessly delights.

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