Saturday, August 22, 2009

ACF Newsletter Resumes. Again!

After months of being in a coma, the Australian Chess Federation's newsletter looks set to breathe again as wel-known ACT chess personality Ian Rout takes over as its editor. He's just set the following message to subscribers:

The newsletter will generally be issued on the second Tuesday of the month and, if there is sufficient material, the fourth Tuesday. The deadline for submitting material will be the prio Friday. Special issues may occasionally be produced, for instance in the case of urgent ACF announcements, or perhaps for large quantities of material.

This will commence from Tuesday 8 September (deadline Friday 4 September). Note that there will be no second September issue as I will be on holidays.

You can read more including deadline deteails over on ChessChat. Naturally I wish this second, or third, or whatever coming this is, of the newsletter much success. And, of course, to remind readers to actually submit contributions!

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