Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ChessCube Gets VC Funds

Sponsor of the recent South African Open, Chesscube.com, has just accomplished what seems to me a near-unbelievable feat. Here's an online chess business that's actually attracting VC money! From their press release (which can be read in full here):

ChessCube has concluded a US$1.25m funding agreement with Venture Capital fund, InVenFin (Pty) Ltd. InVenFin, the VC-focused subsidiary of VenFin Limited, invests in intellectual property-based start-ups with global potential. This transaction brings ChessCube’s total funding to date to US$1.8m.

Quite frankly, I can't see anything special about this site. I first mentioned them in April last year, did have them as my exclusive online chess game site for a while, before eventually giving up. The real problem is, there's just nothing to keep me interested!

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