Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swiss Radio Interviews Anand

Last weekend some of the greats in chess, both past and present, gathered in Zurich, Switzerland to celebrate the 200th birthday of Schachgesellschaft Z├╝rich, the world's oldest chess club. There were simuls as well as a serious rapid event (won by Kramnik).

For World Radio Switzerland, Vincent Landon intervied a few heavyweights and one of them was Vishy Anand who said:

Obviously the average age of the top players is going down. I mean we always had prodigies in chess but they tend to peak much faster as well. And here I think we can see the role of computers. We can also see the role of computers in the other thing where chess seems to go faster. There are more tournaments played and if you have an idea, you can use it once maybe but in a week everybody has already worked it out whereas that ability to handle information was much slower before.

A transcript of Landon's report is available here and that one also nicely includes the actual audio recording.

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