Saturday, August 29, 2009

13th Pinoy GM from Malaysia

The resurgence of Philippine chess stepped up again yesterday as yet another Pinoy player finally reached the rank of grandmaster. IM Ronald Dableo defeated Indonesian GM Susanto Megaranto in the ninth and final round of the Malaysian Open to secure his third grandmaster norm. Dableo thus becomes the Philippines' 13th grandmaster.

Dableo actually finished the event with 7 points, the same as GM Parimarjan Negi, but the Indian had a superior tiebreak and so was declared overall winner.

In the final game Negi had to beat another Pinoy, IM Emmanuel Senador. Senador, who led the tournament going into that last bout, sadly had to settle for 6.5 points - the same as 8 others that included six grandmasters. However, Senador can be very happy that he goes home from KL with his first ever GM norm.

Among the Aussie contingent Melbourne pair FM Igor Goldenberg and Dromagoj Dragicevic tallied 5 points each.

Final table is here.

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Anonymous said...


Ronald Dableo still has to bring his rating to 2500 before he officially becomes a GM.

bobby ang