Friday, August 21, 2009

A Man of Horses and Chess

Quah Seng Sun, writing in the The Star, has a good piece today on Datuk Tan Chin Nam - a man who is well-known to Aussie chess fans and also horse racing aficionados. On Malaysian chess, Datuk Tan Chin Nam says:

I am very certain the progress will be phenomenal. To achieve this, I am embarking on the Malaysia chess project to take the Malaysian chess culture to a higher plane.

Various Asean governments already support chess to a great degree, including Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. Malaysia is the one exception that can do better. So my proposal is that the Government can help chess the same way that it already supports other sports. For example, let foreign professional chess players into Malaysia to raise our standard to the full international level.

Read more in Main man behind chess.

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